Material Libraries

Complete Material Installer (02/18/2011)

Download this file to install all  the nXt materials libraries. It is approximately 105MB.

This program will install a series of folders containing our material library in a directory you specify.  If you are installing for a school or a Work Group of people, be sure to pick a folder that all your users, even lower level users, can access.

After setting up these folders, this installer will create a shortcut to the material folders on your Windows Desktop. You can browser for the materials. When you browse for the material files, change the file View to thumbnail, so you can preview the material.

You can drag and drop materials onto the objects to assign the materials.


We also continue to add material libraries you can add in addition to the complete library above. To manually install a material library, download the ZIP file and unzip into the directory of your choice. See more instructions here: