AutoCAD Installation Problems

Installation Problems

1. If you type nXt at the command prompt but nXtRender does not load, and instead AutoCAD produces the error message Unknown Command “nXt”.

Normally nXt registers its commands with AutoCAD during installation. On occasion, this mechanism may fail. In this case you will need to manually load nXt the first time you run it in a particular version of AutoCAD. Use the following procedure:

    1. Type _APPLOAD at the command line.
    2. Navigate to the folder where nXt was installed. This is normally C:\Program Files\AccuRender nXt.
    3. Select one of the following files depending on your platform:
      • AccuRender nXt.arx -OR- AccuRender nXt64.arx (AutoCAD 2007 – 2009)
      • AccuRender nXt_18_.arx -OR- AccuRender nXt_18_64.arx (AutoCAD 2010 – 2012)
      • AccuRender nXt_19_.arx -OR- AccuRender nXt_19_64.arx (AutoCAD 2013 – 2014)
      • AccuRender nXt_20_.arx –OR– AccuRender nXt_20_64.arx (AutoCAD 2015 – 2016)
      • AccuRender nXt_21_.arx –OR– AccuRender nXt_21_64.arx (AutoCAD 2017)
      • AccuRender nXt_22_.arx –OR– AccuRender nXt_22_64.arx (AutoCAD 2018)
      • AccuRender nXt_23_.arx –OR– AccuRender nXt_23_64.arx (AutoCAD 2019-2020)
      • AccuRender nXt_24_64.arx (AutoCAD 2021-2024)
      • AccuRender nXt_25_64.arx (AutoCAD 2025)


Note: AutoCAD versions 2021 and newer are 64 bit only.

  1. Press Load

Check the AutoCAD command line to verify that the application loaded without error. At this point you should be able to type nxt or ar5 to launch the application. You should not have to repeat this procedure again for this version of AutoCAD. Simply typing nxt or ar5 at the command prompt should cause nxt to load. You may need to repeat this procedure if you install another version of AutoCAD.