A Brief History (nXtRender AutoCAD/Revit)

nXtRender / AccuRender / IRender nXt

The AccuRender Engine was developed by McNeel Associates and Roy Hirshkowitz in 1991 and was at that time the only add-on rendering engine for AutoCAD which integrated its rendering settings and renderings directly into AutoCAD.

Since its initial release, AccuRender has gone through several major releases and is now branded as nXtRender.  nXtRender technology generates high quality, photorealistic images via an easy-to-use interface.  nXtRender is incorporated into SketchUp (called IRender nXt), Revit, and AutoCAD by Render Plus Software.  While the AccuRender name is no longer used, many industry veterans continue to refer to the software by this name given its proven ability to generate quality images, fast.

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Render Plus Software LLC

Render Plus Software has a 30+ year history in developing 3D CAD and visualization solutions.  The company was founded in 1987 as ARITEK, a spin-off from ARRIS CAD System.  ARRIS was founded in 1979 as Sigma Design Ltd and developed SigmaGraphics.  ARITEK developed more than a dozen add-on applications for ARRIS including Sculptor’s Workshop (creating 3D objects) and Render Plus (Ray Trace Rendering).

In 1992, Render Plus developed a standalone CAD engine called ACE (ARICAD CAD Engine).  This was used to create several CAD applications that did not need an underlying CAD system.  Programs such as Landcadd’s Visual Landscaping, Platix’s 3D Exterior Designer, and Softdesk’s Pro Builder, were developed.  The most successful product was Giza, which is still used today by thousands of office furniture dealers to layout and visualize furniture workstations.  Render Plus began developing its current lineup of rendering extensions for SketchUp in 2002.

Render Plus Software LLC continues to grow.  With a worldwide user base, the range of plugin’s/extension’s for SketchUp, AutoCAD and Revit is expanding with recent developments that include GPU and cloud based rendering solutions.