Roy Hirshkowitz Enterprises has selected Render Plus Systems to market nXtRender and to help with the development of the integration of nXtRender into AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit.

A Brief History

The AccuRender Engine developed by McNeel Associates and Roy Hirshkowitz back in 1991 and is the only add-on rendering engine for AutoCAD which integrates its rendering settings and renderings directly into AutoCAD.

Since its initial release, AccuRender has gone through several major releases and is now called nXtRender AC. nXtRender AC is used by AutoCAD modellers who want to create 3D renderings from their AutoCAD models.

In 2008, a new engine was developed for AccuRender, called nXtRender. nXtRender is completely new AccuRender technology providing high quality, photo-realistic images with an easy-to-use interface.  nXtRender has been incorporated by Render Plus into SketchUp and Revit as well as AutoCAD.

Special Information for Purchasing or Renewing your nXt or nXtRender license for AutoCAD Users

See: Purchase and Renewal Options

Render Plus additions

Render Plus has developed many special features for the SketchUp and Revit versions of nXtRender. These will be added to the AutoCAD version over the next several months:

Some of these special features include:

Color/Material Channels

Color/Material Channels – this post processing feature lets you make changes to the color of a material after rendering, without having to change the material itself and re-render the entire model. For more information, see this video: Material Channels





Background Wizard


Background Wizard – This feature lets you scale, position and adjust the appearance a background image for your rendering – viewing the rendering and the background together and using drag handles to position the background. See the video: Background Wizard




HDRi Positioning

HDRi Positioning – Similar to the Background Wizard, HDRi Positioning lets yuu easily rotate your HDRi sky while viewing your rendered image to create the effect desired. See the video: HDRi Positioning




Post Processing Filters

Post Processing Filters – we will be adding standard filters such as Contrast, Sharpening, and Softening to the rendering engine so you can quickly apply them and automatically apply them to re-renderings.




Batch Rendering

Batch Rendering – The Batch Renderer is an “out of process” renderer which means that you can continue to use AutoCAD while the rendering is processing, or you can transfer the entire rendering to another computer.

Remote Rendering – by transferring the Batch Process to another computer, you can complete your rendering without using resources on your main computer. The computer which is used for rendering only does not have to be licensed for nXtRender.