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If you already have a nXt or AccuRender license:

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Purchase Options for new licenses:

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Licensing and Renewals

When you purchase nXtRender, you receive all new versions which are released within 12 months of your purchase. If you want to use new versions released more than 12 months after your purchase, you will need to purchase an renewal to use the new version and all Updates for the next 12 months. This gives you a new 12 month window of Version Updates. If you purchased nXt for AutoCAD prior to Jan 1, 2013 then you can continue to use the version you have, or versions released prior to Jan 1, 2013 indefinitely. However, if you want to use any new features in nXtRender you will need to renew your old license and obtain a license for nXtRender. See: Renewals